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padi advanced open water course

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Once you gain the PADI Open Water Certification the journey has not ended it’s only just beginning.

The next step is PADI Advanced Open Water course, a good fun course that expands your knowledge and experience.

PADI Rescue Diver Course brings you into the heart of the diving community emphasizing not just safe diving but enabling you to manage and assist with emergencies and medical scenarios, not just for others but for you and your buddy.

The paths now diverge. You can follow the professional path into PADI Dive Master and PADI Instructor or increase your own dive knowledge with the various specialty courses…. The choice is yours.

PADI learning is great fun, challenging and the more you learn about diving the more you recognize that there is even more to learn.

PADI Advanced Open Water

The PADI Advanced Open Water Divers course is a two-day course which provides certified Open Water divers with well organized, structured and supervised experiences to new diving situations. You will complete five ocean boat dives in various underwater activities to increase your experience and capabilities. Core dives (compulsory)are Deep and Navigation and then you can choose 3 other dives of interest to you. Popular choices in the Red Sea are drift, boat, fish naturalist, night and wreck.

- Certification : Advanced Open Water Diver. Enables you to dive to a maximum depth of 30 meters with a buddy independent of a PADI Professional
- Duration : 2 days
Requirements Min. 12 yrs or older, PADI Open Water Diver, Medical Statement.
- Schedule :
Day 1: Knowledge Reviews - Navigation + 2 elective dives

Day 2: Knowledge Reviews - Deep + 1 elective dive

This schedule is flexible.

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