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Go Pro PADI Dive Master Course in Sharm el Sheikh

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Make the ocean your office and swap your PC for a computer that dives with you. Becoming a PADI professional can change your life and lifestyle forever. If you love diving and would love to pass on your experiences and teach others to dive with the same passion and enthusiasm, then it's definitely time to become a PADI professional and use your love of the sport to educate others.

Here at Aquarium we teach people not courses and it's our love for the underwater world that feeds our endless commitment to improve diver training, safety and education.

If you want to live the dream and open new career opportunities worldwide, then sign up for the courses below and become a PADI Professional today !

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PADI Dive Master Course
The Dive Master Course is the first step as a PADI professional and includes academic knowledge development, Watermanship, stamina and diving skills which are evaluated together and will be developed to demonstration quality. You will complete a rescue evaluation and underwater mapping exercises as well as demonstrating your skills in dive planning and leadership. You will also function as an instructional assistant in both confined and open water.

divemaster certificate and Badge

Completion of this course qualifies you to attend a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and eventual certification as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. The Dive Master course is also available as a one-month internship where candidates get the opportunity to work in a busy Red Sea dive resort

padi divemaster card

  • Certification : PADI Divemaster, the first PADI Professional Dive Rating that lets you dive for a living.
    - Duration : 2 or 3 weeks
    - Requirements : Min. 18 yrs or older. Rescue Diver and EFR, proof of 40 logged dives. Medical assessment of Dive fitness signed by a physician
    - Schedule :
    The schedule is flexible and will be set by your PADI Instructor but will include:

· Knowledge of Diving Theory and Principles.
· Watermanship and Skill Assessment
· Practical Application of Divemaster.

dive master manual

Knowledge of Diving Theory and Principles
There are eight exams on the following subjects:

Padi Divemaster Manual

1. Divemaster Conducted Programs.
2. Supervising Certified Divers.
3. Assisting with Student Divers in Training.
4. Physics.
5. Physiology.
6. Equipment.
7. Dive skills and the Environment.
8. Decompression Theory and the Recreational Dive Planner.

Watermanship and Skill Assessment
There are four areas, which are:

1. Watermanship and Skill Assessment.
2. Diving skills polished and evaluated to demonstration quality.
3. Problem Solving Exercise.
4. Diver Rescue Skills brought up to demonstration quality.

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