Diving in Sharm el sheikh

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Scuba diving in Sharm el Sheikh, one of the best scuba diving destinations in the Red Sea . . .


Sharm el Sheikh is located on the Southern tip of the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. The city is situated between the Red Sea and Mount Sinai. Sharm El Sheikh is credited for giving the Red Sea an international reputation as one of the world's best diving destinations.
Twenty years ago, divers had to go through a long desert trek to set up camp at the beach before they could go for a dive. Today, there are four and five-star hotels available in the area. These include the Ghazala, the Hilton, Mövenpick, Baron, Mariott and many others.

It also offers everything you would expect of a tourist center: casinos, discos, nightclubs, golf courses, health facilities. Along with diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and other water sports, there is also horse and camel riding, as well as desert safaris.

There are three main diving regions in Sharm:

Na'ama Bay
This long sandy bay was first developed in the early ‘80s. It is now complete and the seafront presents a beautiful paved walkway lined with bougainvillaea and oleander. Na'ama Bay is the place to be in the evenings. This is where shops, restaurants, bars and 'Sheesha' cafes can be found.
Ras Um Sid Cliff
This area links Na'ama Bay and Sharm El Maya. Ras Um Sid is about five minutes from Sharm. Ras Om El Seed is known for its coral reefs. The high cliff is also the locations for many hotels.
Sharm El Maya
This is the name of the old town of Sharm El Sheikh. The bay is a natural harbour and is the home port of many small boats. The sandy beach offers a profusion of palm trees. The area of Sharm El Maya has recently been developed but already has its own five star hotels. It is surrounded by three protected areas: the Ras Mohammed Natural Protected Park, the St. Katherine National Park, and the Nabq Protected Area.

Dive Site Listings:

Locals: Amphoras, Far Garden, Fiasco, Middle Garden, Naama Bay, Near Garden, Paradise, Pinky´s Wall, Ras Bob, Ras Cathy, Ras Gamila, Ras Nasrani, Ras Umm Sid, Shark Bay, Sodfa, Tempel, Tower, Turtle Bay, White Knights
Straits of Tiran: Gordon Reef, Jackson Reef, Kormoran, Ras Goma, Ras Nasrani, South Laguna, Thomas Reef, Woodhouse Reef. Greatest Dive Sites in Tiran.
Ras Mohammed: Anemone City, Eel Garden, Jackfish Alley, Ras Ghazlani, Ras Za`atar, Shark Observatory, Shark Reef, The Alternatives, The Quay, Yolanda Reef, Alternatives. Greatest Dive Sites in Ras Mohammed.
Sha`ab Mahmoud: Dunraven, Lonely Mushroom, North Passage, Small Crack, Stingray Station
Sha`ab Ali: Kingston (aka Sarah H.) thistlrgorm


What to see:

• Ghiannis D - This Greek ship sunk in 1983 after colliding with a wreck. It is a hundred meters long, The stern is at 23 meters depth and lies at a 45-degree angle. The Ghiannis D is north of Sha'ab Abu Nuhâa reef, in the Strait of Gobal.
• The Carnatic - located the North side of Sha'ab Abu Nuhas Reef in the Straits of Gobal, was a sail and steam ship that ran aground on the reef in1869.
• Chrisoula K - A Greek boat with a cargo of tiles and stone that sank in 1981. It is located on the eastern side of Sha'ab Abu Nuhâa reef, in the Strait of Gobal.
• Barge at Bluff Point - The barge is a good located for night dives. It is upright, but only the hull remains. The barge is located across Bluff Point Lighthouse in the Strait of Gobal.
• Thistlegorm - This dive site has been voted one of the Top Ten Dives in the World. It is a British vessel that sank in 1941. Its cargo of war supplies include rifles, motor bikes, train carriages, trucks. The Thistlegorm is located in the Strait of Gobal, north of Ras Mohammed.
• Rosalie Moeller - The Rosalie Moeller sank two days after the Thistlegorm. It lies totally intact at about 45 meters deep.
• Dunraven - The Dunraven was a British ship that sank in the 1870s. It is located in the Strait of Gobal, north of Beacon Rock, and 12 km West of Ras Mohammed.
• Kingston - The Kingston ran aground at Shag Rock in 1881 and lies on a sloping reef wall in 4-19 m of water. It was built in 1871. It was initially thought to be the Sarah H.

Need to know:

• Lion Fish, though very beautiful, can be deadly. Other marine life to worry about are stonefish, coneshells, sea urchins, and stinging corals.
• Watch out for strong currents. Always check on sea conditions before swimming or diving. Never swim against a strong current as will eventually tire and become exhausted.
• Temperatures in Egypt in the months of July and August can go over 40 degrees Celcius.
• The level of security in the city is very high, with police and guards in all hotel lobbies, security guards on organised excursions, and checkpoints on the roads, because of the threat of terrorism. Egypt relies heavily on tourism and is making sure that tourists are safe.
• Taking coral home, even a piece, is prohibited. You will be stopped, questioned, and the piece will be confiscated.
• Avoid Rogue Operators - Dive only with legal diving operators on your next trip to Egypt’s Red Sea. All CDWS member dive operators have met ISO standards .. for diving to ensure your diving safety. Look out for the CDWS logo for the symbol of quality and safety

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