Destination :
Shaab el erg
ship depth Depth: 17 - 27 M ship depth Deep dive,Reef garden,Reef,Drop off ,dolphins View Map

This is a huge horseshoe shaped reef located north of Hurghada, with the open end of the horseshoe facing due south. Can be a challenging dive when the weather conditions are up. There is a sandy bottom at 12 metres that gently drops down to a coral garden. Imagine this amazing sight. You are diving at Shaab El Erg and suddenly a group of dolphins, in perfect formation, is heading your way and the dolphins are passing by a few times, curious as they are. Wouldn’t this be a lifetime experience? This is a favorite meeting point for dolphin of the area and it is common to have a school joining the dive.

Umm Gamar
ship depth Depth: 10 - 25 M ship depth Drift dive,Reef,Island,dolphins,Corals Pinnacles,Platform View Map

A long-isolated reef formed by an underwater mountain near the island having the same name. With plateau on the south, at a depth of 14 to 24 meters a beautiful coral garden where regularly spot a turtle, batfish, moray eel and also Napoleon fish. On the way to the drop-off encountering amazing coral towers, full of aquamarine life,

Shabrur Umm Gamar
ship depth Depth: 20 - 40 M ship depth Big fish,Deep dive,Drift dive,Reef wall,Drop off ,Platform View Map

Underwater mountain, submerging at the surface surrounded by good diving on all sides. Plateau with lots of coral patches. The north side provides very nice drift dives, it’s best to begin at the plateau, moving eastwards to the drop off then north along the wall. After a short swim against the current reach three pinnacles close together, chimneys reach through the pinnacles toward the surface.

El Fanous East
ship depth Depth: 9 -18 M ship depth Drift dive,Shallow,Reef,dolphins View Map

Lighthouse in the Arabic language.
Fanous west pass through canal before reaching a sandy lagoon with several small coral pinnacles where unexpected small inhabitants can be spotted. Reaching the northern edge of the lagoon, toward an erg covered with hard corals a place where dolphins stop regularly
Fanous East, there is a large lagoon surrounded by a small strip of the reef. On the east end, the reef is split from the mainland by a wide channel where discover a beautiful coral garden with 3 colorful pinnacles.

El Fanadir North
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Considered to be the longest reef, suitable for all levels of divers. Stretching in almost a straight line towards the north. At this dive site 2 dives can be made: one at Fanadir South and the other one at Fanadir North.
Fanadir North consists of a reef wall of 10 meters. Along the reef is a sandy plateau of 15 meters width and leading to a drop off that can reach 40 meters deep.
Fanadir South consists of a reef wall going from 10 to 15 meters deep. A sandy plateau of 30 meters width is leading to another steep wall reaching 40 meters deep. Nice plateau with small coral formations filled with glassfish, frogfish and shrimps.

Abu Nugar
ship depth Depth: 9 - 14 M ship depth Drift dive,Reef garden,Shallow,Reef,dolphins,coral garden View Map

Starts at the mooring point where 2 coral towers arise from the sandy bottom with coral heads covered with soft corals, hard corals, and beautiful table corals are scattered around as in a garden.
Often spot large schools of Fusiliers in the open water. The depth here at the dive site is between 10 and 14 meters. Reach the west end of the reef. The south side of the reef is almost a straight wall while the north is divided by a crack. Lots of small caves and overhangs,

El Mina
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Sank 30 years stories telling of its demise are wide and varied. There are articles claiming it was sunk as early as 1969 through to 1972,
This Russian built T-430 mine sweeper had a length of 58metres weighing in at 580 tons. While at anchor in the Abou Minkar channel in Hurghada it was attacked by a squadron of Israeli fighters on 6 Feb 1970. The Egyptian crew fought the fighters who returned several times after refueling. After many attempts to provide the minesweeper with ammunition its guns became silent. It was struck by a bomb and sank below the surface but resurfaced as the fighter jets were turning back home. The fighters attacked again and this time the minesweeper sank for good.
She lies on her starboard on the sea bed at 30m with her port side at only 18m; she is intact except for a hole in her portside.

Shaab Sabina
ship depth Depth: 6 -14 M ship depth Drift dive,Lagoon,Reef garden,Shallow,Island,coral garden,Corals Pinnacles View Map

Reef Sabina is located on the southern part of Giftun Island in a channel between 2 islands – Big and Small Giftun – belonging to the Giftun National Park. The Red Sea here is perfectly calm on the surface but beware of occasional strong currents. And being a shallow dive site, it is suitable for all levels of divers, from beginners to professionals’. The depth of a dive at Shaab Sabina can range from 5 to 14 meters. Shaab Sabina is also suitable for drift dives.
Shaab Sabina is consisting of the main reef, a protected sandy lagoon and an erg standing alone on the north.

El Aruk Giftun.
ship depth Depth: 15-40 M ship depth Big fish,Drift dive,Reef garden,Reef,Island View Map

Located near Giftun Island in the open sea, depending on favorable weather conditions apply where dive start
At El Aruk Giftun, there are 7 ergs you can explore while diving. All the ergs can be found on a sandy plateau at about 12 meters depth until they touch the surface of the sea.
One of the ergs has a cave that is filled with glassfish and scorpionfish. Suitable for Experienced diver levels due to difficulties concerning navigation.

Gotat Abu Ramada West
ship depth Depth: 10 - 16 M ship depth Reef garden,Shallow,Reef,coral garden,Corals Pinnacles View Map

The main reef is surrounded by a 9-15 meters sandy area, where a coral garden extends in all directions. Surrounded with various coral pinnacles. Named the Aquarium, due to the diversity and a large number of fish species. Calm and suitable place to all dives levels.

Giannis D
ship depth Depth: 4-28 M ship depth Big fish,Wreck,Reef View Map

Hit the northwest corner of Shaab Abu Nuhas at full speed with its cargo of timber in April 1983 and lies next the coral reef.
The entire wreck can be seen from the surface because of the good visibility.

SS Thistlegorm
ship depth Depth: 18-35 M ship depth Big fish,Deep dive,Wreck View Map

Discovered in 1956 by Jacques Cousteau the best wreck site in the world, certainly in the top 10. The Thistlegorm, a merchant ship requisitioned to assist the allied war effort, was on route from Glasgow to Egypt fully loaded with military supplies. Having had to go round Africa, as the Mediterranean was in the control of Germany, she lay at anchor in Sha’ab Ali waiting for the entrance to the Suez Canal to be cleared of the wreck of the Tynefield that had been attacked earlier.

Journey time to the wreck is usually around 4 hours for a 2 comfortable dives, one dive to explore the wreck from the outside and to get a first impression and the other dive allows for penetration of the holds and investigating the military cargo it was carrying. The stern section of the wreck lies almost horizontal to the sea bed; the remainder of the wreck is nearly upright. Inside the wreckage, tyres, tanks, motorbikes, Bedford trucks, waders and wellington boots can be seen.

Kimon M
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Drove hard onto the northeast cost corner of Shaab Abu Nuhas reef in 1978 with about 4, 5 tones of lentils on board.

ship depth Depth: 18-27 M ship depth Wreck View Map

A British P&O steamer which struck the reef of Abu Nuhas in September 1869 and sank the next day as the weather worsened.
Penetration into the holds is easy for any level of diver.